Commercial and Residential Real Estate Property Appraisers

Qualifications of GREGG A. BROWN, MAI, SRA  

Member of the Appraisal Institute (MAI, SRA) Appraisal Institute
State Certified General Appraiser (#RZ-0000171)
Licensed Real Estate Broker State of Florida

» 2005 President of the South Florida Chapter of Appraisal Institute
» 2004 Vice President of the South Florida Chapter of Appraisal Institute
» 2003 Second Vice President of the South Florida Chapter of Appraisal Institute
» 2002 Secretary of the South Florida Chapter of Appraisal Institute
» 2001 Treasurer of the South Florida Chapter of Appraisal Institute
» Experience Credit Reviewer for South Florida Chapter 24
» Board of Directors - South Florida Caribbean Chapter 24
» Alternate Director - Region X - 1996
» Experience Credit Reviewer for Chapter #204
» Member of the Admissions Committee
» Member of the Professional Practice Committee
» Experience Credit Reviewer for South Florida Caribbean Chapter 24
» Certified Instructor:
"Commercial Property Appraising"
"Residential Property Appraising"
"Narrative Report Writing"
“Assessment Appeals in Florida” Aug/Sept. 2004
» Special Master appointed to the Property Appraisal Adjustment Board of Broward County for the 2000, 1999, 1998, 1997, 1996, 1995, 1994, 1993, 1992, 1991, 1990, 1989, 1988, 1987, 1986, 1985, 1984, 1983 and 1982 tax years.
Experienced in all phases of real property valuation and feasibility studies since 1976. Appraisal
assignments included:
Apartment Buildings
Community Shopping Center
Condominium Projects
Gas Stations
Individual Condominium Units
Nurseries & Packing Plant
Office Buildings
Power Centers
Regional Shopping Centers
Community Shopping Centers
Neighborhood Shopping Centers
Rock Mining Lands
Single Family Residences
Subdivision Analysis
Vacant Lands
Warehouse & Industrial
Master of Business Administration - Concentration in Real Estate
University of Florida
Bachelor of Science - Economics
University of Florida
Florida Real Estate Commission
Course I, Real Estate Salesman License
Course II, Real Estate Brokers License
Society of Real Estate Appraisers
R41-B and the Appraiser
Course #101, Residential Appraisal
Course #201, Commercial Appraisal
Narrative Report Writing Examination
R-2 Case Study Examination
Seminar: Leasehold and Leased Fee Valuation
Seminar: Computer Applications in Appraising
Seminar: Market Extractions - William Kinnard, Instructor
Seminar: Creative Financing/Cash Equivalency - Richard Hewitt, Instructor
Seminar: R-41(b) and The Appraiser - William N. Kinnard, Instructor
American Institute of Real Estate Appraisers
Case Studies in Real Estate Valuation - Exam
Valuation Analysis & Report Writing - Exam
Approved Demonstration Appraisal Report
Ethics and Standards of Professional Practice
Litigation Valuation (2/88)
Basic Valuation Procedures - Exam 1A-1 (3/89)
Basic Valuation Procedures - Exam 1A-2 (3/89)
Capitalization Theory and Techniques Part A - Exam (2/89)
Capitalization Theory and Techniques Part B - Exam (2/89)
Seminar: Update of Standards and Ethics from Practical Side -
Joe R. Price, Instructor
Seminar: R-41-C - William Pittinger, Instructor
Seminar: Golf Course Valuation Presentation - Cecil R. McKay, Jr., Instructor
Seminar: Effect of 1987 Tax Reform Act on Real Estate Valuation -
Ronald DiCrescenzo, Instructor
Seminar: Affect of Design on Value - Mr. John Venters, Instructor
Seminar: Practical Applications of Discounted Cash Flow -
Thomas Blazejack and Marilyn Hett, Instructors
Seminar: Rent Concession - Stephen Heim and Steven Beauchamp, Instructors
Seminar: Analytic Uses of the Computer in the Appraisal Shop -
Clifford E. Fisher, Instructor (4/92)
Standards of Professional Practice Part A (9/92)
Standards of Professional Practice Part B (12/92)
Seminar: Appraisal Review Round Table - Panel Discussion (4/93)
Seminar: Avoiding or Limiting Loss from an Errors & Omissions Lawsuit (6/93)
Seminar: The Effects of Hurricane Andrew on the Real Estate Market (9/93)
Seminar: Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Seminar (2/94)
Seminar: Power Line Easements and Electro Magnetic Fields Effect
on People and Value (4/94)
Seminar: How to Prepare a Market Study for an Appraisal Practice (9/94)
Seminar: Understanding Limited Appraisals & Appraisal
Reporting Options - General (11/94)
Seminar: Real Estate Evaluations and the Appraisal Industry (2/95)
Seminar: Market & Feasibility Studies for Shopping Centers (6/95)
Seminar: Outparcel Valuation (9/95)
Seminar: Internet and the Appraiser (2/96)
Seminar: Florida Commercial Construction (5-96)
Seminar: The Legislation, Regulation and Appraisal of Real Property
Rights in Florida. (9-96)
Seminar: Special Purpose Properties - The Challenge of Real Estate
Appraising in Limited Markets. (9-96)
Seminar: The Legislation, Regulation, and Appraisal of Real Property
Rights in Florida (9-96)
Course: USPAP Core Law for Appraisers (11-96)
Seminar: Tree Trunk Formulas (2-97)
Seminar: The Appraisal of Real Estate 10th Edition vs. 11th Edition (6-97)
Seminar: Appraisal of Transferable Development Rights (9-97)
Course: Standards of Professional Practice, Part C. (12/97)
Seminar: Non-conforming Uses (1/98)
Seminar: Loss Prevention for Appraisers (5/98)
Course: USPAP Florida Law for Appraisers (11/98)
Seminar: “The Good, The Bad, and The Board” (7/99)
Seminar: Regression Analysis in Appraisal Practice:
Concepts and Applications (3/2000)
Seminar: Analyzing Income Producing Properties (5/2000)
Seminar: “Appraisal: A Peak Behind, A Look Ahead” (8/2000)
Course: Florida State Law and USPAP Review for R.E. Appraisers (11/2000)
Seminar: “Has Government Gone Too Far” Appraisal and
Legal Issues in Land Use Disputes” (11/2000)
Seminar: Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR): Mediation & Arbitration, and the Role of the Appraiser in ADR (2/2001)
Seminar: Understanding & Testing DCF Valuation Models (4/2001)
Seminar: “State of the Appraisal Profession” (5/2001)
Seminar: “Real Estate Disclosure” (6/2001)
Seminar: “Fraud from the Frontlines - True Tales of Florida RE (11/2001)
Seminar: “A Seminar Summarizing the Ad Valorem Tax Assessment
Process in Florida (2/2002)
Seminar: “How to Recognize and Evaluate the Ugly House” (11/2002)
Course: “Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice - Course 430",
Appraisal Institute (12/2002)
Seminar: “Code of Professional Ethics” (4/2003)
Seminar: “Rates & Ratios: making Sense of GIMs, OARs and DCF (9/2003)
Seminar: “An Appraisal Agreement: An Appraiser, A Client, An Agreement (11/2003)
Seminar: “Analyzing Distressed Real Estate” (1/2004)
Seminar: “The Emerging (Mark to) Market: Valuation for Financial Reporting Purposes (4/2004)
Seminar: “Inverse Condemnation: An Appraiser’s Dilemma” (7/2004)
Seminar: “Loss Prevention Program for Real Estate Appraisers” (3/2005)
Seminar: “Single Family Fraud Awareness” (5/2005)
Seminar: “Site to do Business” (6/2005)
Seminar: “How Capital Markets are Influencing Real Estate (7/2005)
Seminar: “Lost in Translation: The Role of Technology in the New World of Commercial Real Estate” (7/2005)
Seminar: “Mathematical Modeling” (7/2005)
Seminar: “Internet Research” (7/2005)
Seminar: “Valuation of Wetlands” (7/2005)
Seminar: “Tri-County Residential Symposium” (10/2005)
Seminar: “The Professional’s Guide to the Uniform Residential Appraisal Report” (11/2005)
Seminar: “Technologies for R.E. Appraisers “Cool Tools” (2/2006)
Seminar: “The Appraiser’s Role in New Urbanism” (4/2006)
Seminar: “2006 Scope of Work and the New USPAP Requirements (8/2006)
Seminar: “Florida state Law for Real Estate Appriasers” (10/2006)
Seminar: “AI Reports - AI 100 Summary Appraisal Report Residential (4/2007)